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The ultimate goal in dentistry is to restore function and in the quest to achieve it, all that we do must closely as possible imitate the natural parameters that make that possible.

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While most patients are concerned with esthetics, good esthetics comes with good form and function. Solving all problems starts at the beginning and this small device goes a long way into making that happen.

Our Team

Richard J. Pitz D.M.D.

Richard J. Pitz D.M.D.


Dr. Richard J. Pitz is a graduate of the University Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine — 1967

Subsequent to his graduation, Dr. Pitz pursued advanced education with an Internship in Oral Surgery at Metropolitan Hospital in NYC. Following that an advanced course in the basic sciences with a full year of human anatomical dissection at NYU Medical Center in NYC. Subsequent to the basic science year he was appointed as a resident at NYC Mt. Sinai Hospital anesthesia department. While there Dr. Pitz did a study on the injectable anesthetic Ketamine to overcome the undesirable side effects in its use.

Following the advanced studies, Dr. Pitz practiced dentistry in NYC, where his focus was on restorative dentistry, from the simple to the most complex. His office included his own dental lab where master technicians from Germany and France produced the necessary dental appliances at the highest level

Dr Pitz has always been involved with organized dentistry, focusing on advanced education. He was elected to the office of Treasurer of the New York County Dental Society — an organization of over 3,000 dentists.

Dr. Pitz was a member of multiple dental study clubs that dealt from medical emergencies and interactive pharmacological effects, complete restorative methods and materials, and integration of the newer technology that was coming on line in the 1980’s.

Dr. Pitz is the holder of three dental patents dealing with composites and has three patents presently under office action.

As a member of the New York County Dental Society, Dr. Pitz was involved in the annual presentation of the Greater New York Dental Meeting — the largest dental meeting in the world on an annual basis.

Upon his retirement, Dr. Pitz became active in local government and continued to work as a consultant for dental companies. He is presently planning to put a dental education facility in the Charlotte County Public Health facility with the cooperation of state elected officials. Dr. Pitz is the President of the Charlotte-DeSoto County Republican Club as well as a member of two other Republican Clubs.

Dr. Pitz is a member of the Charlotte County Curmudgeon Club — a well known group concerned with good governance. Dr. Pitz is a co-host of a monthly radio program and is a contributor of articles for the local newspaper.

Dr. Pitz’s interest in education has been important to him as he no longer sees the same intensive teaching methods that allowed him to go from a poor family to a graduate of an Ivy League University. It is his hope that the GCA will be an option that will allow students in similar circumstances to achieve similar achievement.

Ani Mysore

Ani Mysore



The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, December 2021
Bachelor of Science in Economics, GPA 3.7/4.0
Relevant Coursework: Micro/Macroeconomics, Statistics, Meaningful Leadership of Self and Others

Professional Experience

Advanced Input Systems (KPS Capital Partners)
Sales and Marketing Summer Analyst, June 2020 – August 2020

  • Identified $175B market for infection control input devices (Medigenic) in the healthcare industry with a focus in the dental industry.
  • Conducted an industry analysis to determine the state and degree of competition within the industry.
  • Performed a SWOT analysis as part of my assessment and presented to executive management.
  • Developed a pragmatic marketing framework utilizing personas, product positioning, and product statements.
  • Formulated 6 step action plan to target Dental Service Orgs to meet COVID-19 infection control regulations.
  • Drafted sales emails to potential clients and interacted with industry professionals to better position the product in the dental space.
  • Organzied 5+ years of data into a complete set of financial statements for a prospective buyout.

Henry Schein Inc.
Corporate Development M&A Summer Analyst, May 2019 – August 2019

  • Responsible for buy-side M&A deal modeling through financial analysis, presenting findings to executives, and actively engaging with clients.
  • Successfully developed Three Statement and Merger Models for 10+ companies; staffed on multiple deals seeing through 3 acquisitions.
  • Conducted market research in the dental industry and found potential $50M market for dental implants with breakthrough strategy presented to management.
  • Wrote memos for executive management used in board meetings summarizing recently completed, ongoing, and potential acquisitions.

Idea Brahma Consulting Pvt. Ltd
Project Manager, June 2015 -August 2017

  • Managed a team of programmers and IT specialists to develop an educational app to be implemented in rural schools throughout India.
  • App was a curation of different educational resources i.e. digital textbooks, images, videos, and packaged into an easy to use format preloaded on tablets to be used by students and teachers.
  • Completed app in three months which was first implemented in BJL school located outside Bangalore, India and travelled to install, demonstrate, and teach the teachers how to use the app.
  • Continued to make updates to app remotely and monitored team progress.

Additional Experience

Impact Investing Group
Vice President of Events/Speakers September 2018 – Present

  • Organized and planned social and professional events.
  • Conducted market research in renewable energy with a focus in offshore wind power in New York.
  • Spearheaded the launch of the first impact investing symposium at the University of Michigan.

Volunteer at BJL School
Assistant teacher/tutor August 2016 – Present

  • Taught students in grades 1-3 English and Math; assisted teachers with content curation.

Skills and Interests

  • Technical: Proficient in Microsoft Excel-PowerPoint-Word, Adobe Photoshop-Lightroom
  • Programming: Working knowledge of Java
  • Other: Scratch Golfer – Won numerous tournaments in the South Florida region.

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